Meet Lester, the new Guide Dog Puppy!

13 April 2018

Meet Lester, the new Guide Dog Puppy! Lester has arrived in Jersey to start his long training program with his trainer Jacqueline Richomme.

Jacqueline trains these wonderful pups to a high standard in the island and then they return to the UK for their final months of challenges. Her work is vital to early months of preparation in teaching these dogs to become fine working animals, assisting visually impaired people in enhancing their lives.

Jacqueline has close links with SandpiperCI. She trained Piper the Guide Dog, who now works and lives in Oxford with his new owner.

Lester, like Piper and others before him, train in the island and in our stores. Guide Dogs are always welcome in all our Sandpiper stores and Lester has wasted no time. Last week this adorable pup was training in our St Peter Marks and Spencer store and loving the attention.

In time he will progress to leaning how to deal with escalators and lifts in our larger Marks and Spencer King Street store. If you see Lester out please remember he is a working dog in training so always ask his trainer if you can touch him.

Lester has plenty of fun time. When he is not training we are fortunate that Jacqueline brings him to our offices to visit us all.

As heart-breaking as it always is for the trainer to say goodbye at the end of guidance and teaching Jacqueline always knows another will shortly be on their way to her. The sterling work is very much needed.

If you want to find out more about these wonderful dogs and the work, they do visit

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