SandpiperCI Match Money Raised in the "Pledge your Wedge" Jersey Charity Auction

12 December 2016

This year’s Jersey Christmas Appeal charity auction has seen a welcome boost from the Channel Islands’ largest retailer, SandpiperCI. Sandpiper’s chief executive Tony O’Neill phoned into the Radio Jersey auction HQ just after 10:00 on Sunday morning to offer to match the amount of money raised in the ‘Pledge your Wedge’ holiday offer.

Tony O’Neill said: “Sandpiper has been supporting the charity auction for many years by donating auction lots from all of our brands. This year we wanted to go a step further by encouraging islanders to donate to the holiday ‘pledge your wedge’ by doubling their pledges with a donation from Sandpiper.”

It’s not the first time SandpiperCI has given money directly to the Joint Charities Christmas Appeal. Sandpiper donated £20,000 to the appeal to mark their arrival in Jersey back in 2007.

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